My Best-Kept Body Shaping and Toning Secret

Hey there, I’m Holly Dolke.

Here's the program that is proven to get you the result you wanted … and it’s a great goal to have - totally achievable, especially if you're looking to sculpt lean muscle in your abs, waist, and legs.

And let me tell you, this program is different than most, it contains my best-kept secret for a lean physique.

When it comes down to building an amazing body, it's all about keeping it simple. 

You want to get stronger and leaner without wasting time and energy going to the gym and having to concern yourself with the perfect reps, weights and machines to use. 

And as a woman today, you don't have much time, right? 

What you need is to eat the right amount of calories, the right amounts of fats, proteins, and carbs...

To support your body's health and hormonal functions, while gaining definition to get you that hourglass shape. 

So your legs are more toned and your bum more perky. 

So you can see your waistline.

So your arms and shoulders can become more toned (without looking bulky) instead of skinny and flabby. 

It's all about getting stronger by combining the right workouts with the right nutrition. 

I tried every product out there and they're all un-motivating, unsustainable, and take up so much time. 

And that’s why I created the Hourglass Method.

This program is called UltraDEFINE! AND HERE IS THE SECRET BEHIND IT ...

This program has transformed thousands of women's bodies! 

These women tried other programs but got frustrated at their results. They made drastic changes to their lifestyle just to try and be “healthy…” only to revert back to their old ways. They hate going to the gym. And they all 100% hate long, boring workouts.

But this program gives you my best 20-minutes (or less!) workouts that shape your abs, waist and legs. The best part? You can do them at home, with no equipment. 

So today that's why I'm so excited to share with you my toning program. 

Unlike the other products, my toning program will help you rapidly tone up without dieting or working out in the gym.


So Are You Ready To Sculpt Your Hourglass Shape And Start Feeling Confident In Your Body?

If yes, and you want your ultimate body in the fastest way possible, then access my toning program at the bottom of this page. 

And for today only, I'll throw in some free bonuses and gifts that you can access on this page to help accelerate your results and get you your dream body. 

So what are you waiting for? Today is the day to make big changes in your body and your life. 

Order now by clicking on the join cart button at the bottom of this page, and let's get started.

My UltraDefine Program is Designed To Get You RESULTS...And Here’s Proof:




Now, this is a 90-day program … with a different video for you to follow along with each day.

And like we discussed before, the workouts are generally kept at 20 minutes … 

So even though the workouts are short, they’ll be more effective than any other exercise you’ve tried in the past.

And even though there’s a video for each day, you won’t be working out each day.

There are rest days built-in, and the videos for these days feature stretching exercises you can follow along with.

Or if you prefer, you can simply take these days off altogether.

And no matter what your current fitness levels are, ULTRADEFINE is designed so it won’t be too overwhelming or challenging for you…

With the workouts progressing as your fitness levels increase.

All of these workouts can be done right from your own home…

Without the need for any equipment.

The only thing you need is your phone, tablet, or computer so you can follow along and do the workout with me.

While also targeting different areas of the body, ensuring you tone your muscles at the same time as you’re burning fat…

This is really important if you want to change the shape and look of your body…

Rather than just losing some weight but still having the same soft appearance.

Here are some bonus programs you’ll be getting for free with UltraDEFINE…

#1: Tight Tummy Program

Get a toned and sexy midsection in record the convenience of your own home!

The tight tummy program carves your entire abs…upper abs, lower abs, and side abs (obliques), for that defined ’11’ line.


#2: Booty Builder Program

Specifically designed to give you a perky, round, and lifted butt.

A lot of women want that toned and juicy booty right now, and this 14-day workout program makes it a reality.

But then if you’re looking to add more definition and shape, this Booty Builder program will accomplish that.


#3: Curb Your Cravings guide

Cravings can completely throw you off track from your diet. But you don’t have to let these cravings take over. This guide shows you how to outsmart even the strongest cravings.


#4: Guilt-Free Alcohol Guide

You don’t have to eliminate alcohol (or your social life) completely to get in shape. This Guilt-Free Alcohol Guide shows you how you can enjoy your favorite cocktails or wine--and still lose weight.


#5: Rapid Rest and Recover

Unwind and relax your body, lengthen and strengthen your muscles, and recover faster from your workouts. That’s what this free bonus helps you to do. You can do these workouts everywhere and they are great for your rest days.


#6: 12-week Mindset Training

This one is important because sometimes your mind will give up before your body does. 

Maybe you think you don’t deserve it. Or maybe you don’t think you’re capable. Or maybe you’re simply being hard on yourself.

Whatever it is, your mindset is the overlooked key to your best results. 

Without a strong mindset, your self-doubt might take over and sabotage you.

I do not doubt that the same powerful tools I use every day, will help YOU attain the body you’ve always wanted.


Here’s What to Do Now...

If you’re ready to start your transformation, and start seeing results…

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The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll be able to reach your health and body goals...

Just like the thousands of other ladies who joined before.


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