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Get Full Access TODAY To The Pink Dragon Studio! Including The Full Body Shred Challenge

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Health and fitness is a journey — not a destination.

Today only, I'm offering you an all access pass to my entire workout library at a discounted rate. 

Meaning you’ll have full access to all of my programs — including future releases — as well as access to the Pink Dragon community.

I call this membership “Studio”...

And here’s a glimpse of what you’ll get access to today when you join.

I’m constantly developing new tactics, strategies and tips to help women stay lean and toned and love their bodies

Here's what my all inclusive Studio access pass will bring you TODAY...


Complete Access to Both Of My 90-Day Training Programs UltraBurn and UltraDefine

(Value: $394)

While UltraBurn is specifically designed to help you lose weight quickly and safely…

UltraDefine is all about helping you get — and keep — a lean, sculpted, and feminine body.

The workouts are short, fun, and can easily be done from home without any special equipment. And I’ve filmed myself performing every exercise so you can follow along like we’re working out together.

UltraBurn and UltraDefine are a 90-day programs, and guarantee to get you in the absolute best shape of your life.

They're valued at $394, which is still a bargain considering it costs that much for just one personal training session with me… let alone 90 days of workouts.

Yet when you join Studio today, you’ll have yearly free access to both 90-day programs as part of your membership…

Meaning you’re saving $270 just on that very first program alone.


Membership In My Exclusive "Elite" Monthly Coaching Program

(Value: $444 / year)

“Elite” is my most comprehensive training program.

It’s for women who don’t want to settle for less than the very best and are committed to making health and fitness a priority in their life.

Unlike UltraBurn or UltraDefine which last for 90 days…

Elite runs continuously each and every month, with new workouts released on a weekly basis.

These workouts are constantly changing and adapting to help you avoid the “plateau effect”.

The plateau effect is where your body gets used to the same workout, so you stop seeing results after a while.

It’s important to keep mixing things up so that the body is challenged enough to build muscle and burn fat.

So Elite is all about ensuring you don’t get “stuck” after a few months of working out…

And that you continue to see results and feel amazing month after month, year after year.


Access To My Body-Part Specific Workout Programs For Butt, Abs & Legs!

Plus On-Going Access To Any New Programs We Add.

(Value: Priceless)

I'm also throwing in access to my body-part specific programs, for butt, abs, and legs. These programs are designed to target those crucial problem areas, and get you toned in rapid time.

Lastly, I’m offering you full access to all of my future programs when you join Studio right now.

I have a number of things in the works for this year that I’m sure you’re gonna love…

And as a Studio member, you’ll get all of them without paying a single cent.

Why am I doing this?

Sure, I could make more money by charging for each of my programs individually…

But I like to reward people who make a commitment to their health and fitness.

And when you sign up for Studio, it shows you’re serious about having the body, health, and energy you deserve. Not just for a few weeks or months, but for a whole year.

That’s the type of transformation I want for you, and if it means I have to sacrifice some of our company’s profits… that’s a price I’m more than happy to pay.

Want in? Simply click “YES!” below to secure your Studio membership, and get access to everything.

We’ll send you a confirmation email within minutes that contains all the details you need to access your membership.

But remember, if you pass on this offer, this opportunity disappears.

The choice is yours.

To the healthiest version of you,

Holly Dolke

Get Full Access TODAY To The Pink Dragon Studio! Including The Full Body Shred Challenge

Select Your Plan:

 * Backed By My 60-Day Money Back Guarantee *

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