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Every single one of my programs is designed to help you succeed in a small amount of time. 

So... No more excuses like "I don't have time to workout" or "my schedule isn't allowing me enough time" or even "I don't know HOW to work out" ...

Why? Because these programs are scheduled FOR you, so you don't even have to think about it ...

 ... and each session is about 20 minutes long - the optimal time to help you achieve your goals.

Which one will you go with?


Get access to everything!

Yes, you can get access to EVERYTHING inside the app. But not just that, as long as your subscription lasts, you'll be the first to get new content without any additional payment. What do you say? Click the button below and select your plan.


Do you want to get back in shape or simply have the shape you’ve always dreamt of? Take control of your body through the Ultraburn program, where you get lifetime access to proven success. These 15-minute workouts are short but effective and are driven to guarantee results. Get all the help you need to stay on track and work towards a healthier version of yourself.


Wondering where your muscles are? Tone up with my Ultradefine program! Follow my carefully selected workouts to assure the healthiest version of yourself. These fun and fast workouts will help you tone up and get your dream body, and they’ll only take 15 minutes off your day!


These weekly workouts will help you stay in shape. The Elite program is created based on your wishes, so you’ll find a mix of HIIT and strength workouts, updated every week for your enjoyment. Every day is different, so you’ll never get bored! One of my favorites with hundreds of happy users and guaranteed success.

Booty Builder 

Get the booty that everyone wants. My 2-week Booty Burner will help you achieve it! This program is proven to work by a number of other Pink Dragon members... And their happy significant others. Don’t hesitate and get lifetime access to this program!

Tight Tummy

Lean, tight and flat… With my Tight Tummy program, you’re sure to wash that stubborn fat away and bring the definition you’ve always wanted to your abs. Commit to it for 4 weeks and watch those 11-lines appear… After, you get to keep the program with lifetime access, so go back and repeat it whenever you’d like!


Let's get your nutrition right! 

The food you eat represents how fast you will see your results. Not only that ... it has been proven that a nutritious diet makes us feel so much better!

And don't worry - I got you, even if you're a beginner!

You will learn to keep your diet clean with some simple and life changing guides that you can find below. 

What are you waiting for?

Meal Plan

This Meal Plan contains four Meal Plans, including breakfast, lunch, diner, and snacks. It’s proven to work for beginners to easier and quicker start with meal prepping and dieting. You’ll get the additional free trick to help change your life. You can change or add recipes from Pink Dragon Cookbook. Vegan Meal plan is also available ...

This product is digital only.

Pink Dragon Cookbook

Eat properly on your way to healthier and better you. You get 128 recipes (64 vegan and 64 regular), for lunch, breakfast, diner, and snacks.

This product is digital only.

Sweet Treats

Having sweet tooth? That's already yesterday's problem .... with this E-book with sweet recipes, you can satisfy your cravings with NO GUILT! This E-book includes 15 yummy, refined sugar-free, and hight protein recipes. So don't waste time and treat yourself!

This product is digital only.

3-Day Detox

Do you feel anxious, tired, and bloated? This 3-day Detox has proven to work for so many women! It's a guide to get your energy levels up, detoxicate, and debloat your body. At the same time you'll reset your metabolism and lose some extra weight. All that in just 3 days! Don't hesitate and make yourself feel great again!

This product is digital only.


Sometimes, we just need more ... 

That's why I created the products below, to help you on your journey. 

Whether you're planing to lose some extra weight, or you just want to gain muscle weight ... or even if you simply need something to get you the nutritious diet you've always wanted. 

Check my products out below  ...

Pink Dragon Lean Protein

The Pink Dragon Lean Protein blend is a mixture of pea, rice and hemp protein and is 100% plant-based. In addition to that, we’ve added some special ingredients (like Spirulina, Kelp, Dulse and Chia Seeds) to make sure each serving helps you take one step further towards a healthier body and mind.
A single scoop of this cacao flavoured protein daily will improve your overall digestion, boost your energy levels, help fight hunger cravings, and burn fat. It’s the healthiest addition to your breakfast or a simple after-workout snack!