BodyBrand is a rapidly growing health and fitness company disrupting the multi-billion dollar industry

Founded by Holly Dolke and Aaron-Evans Aghoghogbe in 2018 to provide a 360 degree fitness training ecosystem for women who want short, quick and easy workouts while cultivating their inner confidence so they can look and feel their best! 

Within just 2 years of starting, BodyBrand has made its mark in the crowded health and fitness space and emerged as a true market leader - all thanks to its highly ambitious, talented team that’s working in the trenches to further the initiatives of following two brands: 

1. Holly Dolke

Holly Dolke is the co-founder of BodyBrand. She’s a renowned fitness expert featured in VOGUE and POPSUGAR. Her fitness journey started in 2015 with a YouTube channel where she shared her personal struggles with losing weight and how she overcame them by avoiding the mainstream advice. 

Since its inception, the channel has garnered a loyal following of 1.4MM subscribers which is exponentially growing every single day. Holly is on a mission to help women not only transform their body physically but also empower their minds so they can feel confident in their own skin.

2. Pink Dragon

Pink Dragon is the health and fitness brand going against the trend of “slowing down” - instead providing super energetic and fun workout programs along with high-quality, science-backed support products that provide results in a short period of time. 

Our Mission 

We strongly believe in taking a full-circle approach towards fitness that’s why our brands not only have a robust fitness component but we also focus on all aspects of health and wellness — after all, when you feel your best, that’s when you look your best. 

Our Vision

We create global leading brands in female fitness and empowerment. Our explosive growth in just 2 years has put us on the map to vastly expand our operations within the next 5 years and impact 10 million lives. 

Core Values

These core values shape our company’s culture and guide us in making effective decisions:


Having the willpower to go out of your way to accomplish tasks, being a self-starter and go-getter for whom no challenge seems insurmountable. 


Showing up as your most authentic self and having a strong faith in your skills that amps you up to go after whatever you set your mind to. 


Always defaulting to do the right thing even if it feels difficult in any particular moment. After all, without truth and honesty, we have nothing to build upon. 


Keeping a fun, energetic, and upbeat environment that allows everyone to thrive and bring their best to the team every single day. 


Nothing beats the power of having a supportive community that helps one another in achieving personal and professional goals!

BodyBrand’s Impact Is Rapidly Increasing And Our Numbers Speak For Themselves 

We started from ground zero in 2018, and within 2 years, we have achieved such massive success…

Featured in VOGUE, POPSUGAR, New York Times, Closer, First Time Parent, GoodHousekeeping, Live Naturally, The Sunday Edit, and more… 

1.44MM YouTube Subscribers

192K Instagram Followers

98.6K Facebook Fans

50,000 Lives Transformed And Counting

15MM YouTube View

Customers In 225 Countries Around The Globe

Meet The Team

Our team is a fun bunch of highly talented intrapreneurs spread all across the world. Each person on the team is passionate about health and fitness and brings their unique skill set to the table which helps us in making a significant difference in modern women’s lives.

Holly Dolke


Location: Algarve, Portugal // Nationality: English // Languages: English, Portuguese 

Background - Before I turned my passion for fitness into a career, I actually was in the travel industry with Aaron! Although I loved it at the time, I ended up quitting so I could find out what it was that I wanted to do for my career. 

Between not having a job, and finding my true calling card, that’s where I found YouTube. I began my channel as a way to show women that they can get their dream body simply by working out at home using their body weight and my unique method that I had found myself to give me my confidence and physique! Little did I know that I would change so many women's lives and see my channel grow to 1.4 million. 

From there, Aaron and I created BodyBrand, so the women who followed me could get a go-to plan for workouts, alongside my nutrition guides. Still to this day I look back and smile at what we have accomplished and how we have helped so many women find their confidence back. 

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - Ah so many! I’d say seeing the company grow from just Aaron and I, is just so incredible and something I am proud of every single day. 

And along with that, seeing how many women are part of the Pink Dragon brand and their amazing results puts a smile on my face daily. 

What do you do for fun - Exercising (not a surprise there!), baking healthy goodies, travelling and being with my daughter, Eva. 

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - My favourite is the Lean Physique Workout for a full body tone and Dance for cardio because it is soooo much fun.

Aaron-Evans Aghoghogbe


Location: Algarve, Portugal // Nationality: English // Languages: English, Portuguese 

Background - After dropping out of university to become a techno DJ & promoter, I ended up transitioning into working for some of the world's biggest ad agencies in London & Sydney. I then started a party travel company in both Spain & Greece, before going on to co-found Bodybrand with Holly, after finding a passion for all things health related.

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - Every time a staff member makes a considerable leap in their growth - these moments of seeing our team grow as individuals are our greatest achievement.

What do you do for fun - Traveling the planet with family and friends.

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout -  I can't comment as it's for women only, but I did give the arm exercise a go once, and nearly died, so there is always that.

Lisa Ferraro

Operations Manager

Location: Rome, Italy // Nationality: Australian-Italian // Languages: English, Italian 

Background - Many moons ago I actually completed a marketing and management double degree at University in Melbourne, Australia where I am originally from. I worked for about 4 years in marketing in massive corporations before realising that environment was just not for me! 

I followed my passions and opened 3 of my own businesses over the course of 10 years in hospitality and travel. My travel business brought me to Italy where I now live, where 5 years ago I also started working for a startup in the travel industry in operations management. 

COVID hit and that all went pear shaped, but the silver lining was by far joining the BodyBrand rocket ship at a time where online home workouts were booming. It’s been the wildest ride being a part of this insane growth and once in a lifetime opportunity, and there is no stopping us. Entrepreneurship and the start up culture is definitely where I belong and operating a tight ship is my MO. It’s such an exciting time to be at Bodybrand and it is the perfect place for me right now. 

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - Oh wow it's impossible to choose. What we have achieved in a year other companies probably do in 10! 

Seeing our visions for the team come to life, executing our strategy and having it succeed and ultimately seeing the insane results achieved by our members every single day. 

What do you do for fun - I've actually forgotten thanks to the pandemic lol. I think it was travelling? That is most certainly what I will be doing when all of this is over. I love having so many diverse places on my doorstep in Europe and I'll be taking my daughter to all my favourites as soon as we can.

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - Sweaty Shredder for sure! Nothing beats a HIIT workout for me. This is 15 minutes of pure power and 'sweaty' is an understatement!

Gaja Lampe

Head of Growth Marketing

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia // Nationality: Slovenian // Languages: English, Slovenian 

Background - When I was studying for my marketing degree, I worked as a copywriter in a digital marketing agency based in Slovenia. I used to write short stories when I was in high school, so to an 18-year old high school graduate, this seemed like a sensible career choice (I clearly had no idea what I was doing). 

At that point, all I had known about advertising was what had been featured on “Mad Men”. Sometimes, you just get lucky and find your calling on the first go! 

Later, my first corporate job was also in advertising. I loved my role but craved a different environment, so I moved on to work as a freelance marketing manager. When I met the BodyBrand team, I initially started as a freelancer at about 10 hours a week. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out that these were the people I wanted to work with on a daily basis. The rest is history!

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - New funnel launch - December 26th, 2020, 8am. I shed a tear. Just kidding (…kind of) - I’m proud to work here every single day!

What do you do for fun - I bake a lot of cakes, which is ironic, because I work in a health and fitness company. I like to hike with my dog and hang out with my family and friends. I also tried gardening at one point, but that didn’t really end well for me (or the flowers).

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout -  Easy! I love “The Lean Physique” from UltraBurn and the “Body Shredder” from UltraDefine.

Anja Simončič

Marketing Assistant

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia //Nationality: Slovenian // Languages: English, Slovenian 

Background - I always wanted to do work that's constantly challenging and changing. When I found marketing as a 19-year-old, I was amazed at the combination of psychology and sales! 

In a small country like Slovenia, where there are a lot of people trying to succeed — I truly found myself while studying for my marketing degree, where I found out, that marketing is A LOT more than just that! 

In the meantime, I worked several jobs in different fields, starting with social media assistant and growing to become a copywriter, market researcher, and marketing assistant. The start was a "rocky road", but I knew where I wanted to go, what I wanted to become. 

And now? I couldn't be happier working at BodyBrand, with an amazing team (I take that as a privilege)!

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - That is a challenge ... I just can't decide which one was better than the other. But mostly, achieving and setting new records! 

What do you do for fun - I love cooking and entertaining friends! Yes, you can say that I like to be a host ... But when I'm not doing that (quite a lot lately), I love to take a walk in the green landscape Ljubljana offers and enjoy the breathtaking views! I like to read self-growth or educational books. And the evenings are usually series/movie time.

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - The name tells it all ... Fast and Furious HIIT! I love HIIT workouts, especially the ones I can do in my apartment (neighbors below are thankful for that) - no jumping. 

Liv Podmore

Video Production Manager

Location: London, UK // Nationality: English // Languages: English, Spanish

Background - I have always had a passion for film and photography so I decided to study a Film Degree in Liverpool. After I graduated I moved to London to see what the hype was all about. I have lived here 3 years now and love it. 

I have worked in the social media industry as a video editor. I have recently moved into the company as the Video Production Manager, a new venture for me so far I am absolutely loving it. I am looking forward to my journey with BodyBrand!

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - There are so many great achievements happening in the company but I love watching how big the community is growing and seeing the amazing results from the women. It’s a great feeling helping women to feel empowered and confident through fitness. I also love watching the numbers of the sales and reach on the ads I have created increase every day!

What do you do for fun - Reading, Travel, Photography, Running, Cycling.

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - Definitely the Sweaty Shredder from the first workout for Ultra Burn. A great way to get you pumped for the program.

Sandra Milojevic

Customer Service Manager

Location: Kruševac, Serbia // Nationality: American - Serbian // Languages: English, Serbian 

Background - I come from a direct health background as a graduate of the Bachelor of Science School of Nursing from Alverno College in Milwaukee, WI. I spent most of my life in the United States before starting a family and seeking a change. After I graduated, and gave birth to our first child, I quickly realized I would not be a bedside nurse for long.  

I carried the bedside customer service care over to Telephone triage nursing which allowed me to be a nurse but also deliver excellent customer support over the phone in a face paced setting. This gave me the first "work from home" experience and I was hooked! 

I always loved listening to others' concerns, troubleshooting their problems and providing them the best customer service I could. As our family grew, and we moved back to Serbia, where we are originally from, I started to workout from home with the help of Holly's Youtube channel.  

When COVID hit and our jobs were directly impacted, I heard Holly's team was expanding and I quickly reached out to apply for what ended up being the perfect position to meet my career goals at the perfect time. 

I haven't looked back since and feel beyond blessed to be a part of such a remarkable, caring team that is helping to change women's lives daily.

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - There are so many proud moments for me, even in the short amount of time that I've been here.  Most recently watching our Pink Dragon members grow at such significant rates and as well growing internally by adding fresh talent to our amazing team.

What do you do for fun - Spending as much time outdoors playing with my children, hiking, and exploring nature

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - Calorie Burner for sure! This is one of the first workouts in Phase II of UltraBurn and boy, you'd never think you could sweat so much in just 10 minutes!

Christine Joan Bigueras

Customer Service Support

Location: Manilla, Philippines // Nationality: Phillipino // Languages: English, Phillipino  

Background - I finished a two-year Practical Nursing course in 2012. I decided to change my career path and worked as a Customer Service Specialist.

With over 8 years of experience, I am both prepared and fully equipped to meet my client's needs, while attaining results that my clients and their customers are pleased with. Luckily, BodyBrand hired me as their customer service support. This role gives me so much joy because their goal is to make an individual happy with their body and build self-confidence.

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - I feel very proud when I get emails from members telling me how much we've inspired them and helped them to achieve their body goals.

What do you do for fun - Traveling, watching movies and spending time with my family

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - The Booty Builder program.

Constança Vieira

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Location: Lisbon, Portugal // Nationality: Portuguese // Languages: English, Portuguese 

Background - I studied Textile Design, and soon as I graduated, I started working with Lidija Kolovrat, a Fashion Designer in Lisbon. Started as a Textile designer and soon was also a fashion, accessories and footwear designer. Why? 

Because I deeply like to be involved in various areas, in touch with different people, but above all, it gives me great satisfaction to be able to help others and to work with a team. In less than five months I was not only Lidija’s assistant designer, but also, personal assistant. 

She is a very creative and expansive person, and, I am very creative also, but super methodical and organized. I gave her the inputs she needed to keep everything rolling. 

By doing this, I found another passion of mine besides designing. Assisting others, helping them by making their lives easier. 

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - Everyday I’m proud to work for such a special company. My role is more dedicated to Holly and Aaron, so I have to say, when baby Eva was born or when we threw the surprise virtual baby shower and we got to meet all members of the team. Personal moments that connected me to Bodybrand. 

What do you do for fun - The classics - spend time with my loved ones, my cat Felix, music is always ON, watching movies and taking really long walks!

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - Dance cardio! Workout but make it extra fun!

Ellie Dolke

Community Manager 

Location: London, UK // Nationality: British // Languages: English

Background - BA in physical theatre, yoga instructor, part time poetry wanker.

Proudest moment at BodyBrand - There have been a few proud moments at BodyBrand, growing to 10k community members was a huge milestone. But they do really come weekly for me, watching women transform- especially the shy ones who are nervous to post makes me so proud.

What do you do for fun - Training with some good music on lol, being an idiot with friends or family, going to a dance or theatre show, getting out in nature, going to a class.

What is your favorite Pink Dragon workout - The second HIIT cycle in Ultraburn, lots of jump squats, punching lol.

Why Work With Us

Our Culture

At BodyBrand, we have a fun, empowering, and engaging culture - most importantly, we’re like one big family that supports each other's personal and professional growth. 

Look at what our employees have got to say about it:

“Without sounding cliche, we are literally like a family. Everybody is so supportive to each other personally and professionally. We are all highly driven individuals and we all seriously want to be here and make an impact. This makes going to work everyday seriously motivating. I love how diverse we all are - we all live in different cities and from different cultures...It makes for very entertaining mid meeting conversation!” 

- Lisa Ferraro, Operations Manager, Italy

“I can honestly say I love it here. The thing I appreciate most is that we can all be involved in every single aspect of the business and know for certain that our input will be appreciated and actually considered. I (for example) don’t know anything about customer support, but the team always listens and we have genuine conversations about everything that’s going on within the business. We’re a melting pot of so many different cultures and we know how to appreciate that about each other.” 

- Gaja Lampe, Head of Growth Marketing, Slovenia

“The culture at Bodybrand means so much to me! We are a tight knit group that is always supporting one another in work and personal life.  When life has thrown curveballs, I've never worked anywhere else where I've felt as supported as I do at BodyBrand.  It really has a family-like feeling, and even though we are all remote, we work so closely together that it often feels like we are in the same office at times.” 

- Sandra Milojevic, Customer Service Manager, Serbia 

“The culture that we have at Bodybrand is simply the best! Everyone is providing support for one another,  offering kindness and compassion when others are struggling or needs help to resolve an issue. Inspiring one another at work.”

- Christine Joan Bigueras, Customer Service Support, Philippines 

“Embrace everyone, enhance each one’s strength and make you feel special for your values and what you represent.”

- Constança Vieira, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Portugal 

“I never felt like this at work before! That's because, here at Bodybrand, we are so close to each other. We support each other, and what is the most important ... here we're a group,  achieving team goals, and nobody is seen as herself (himself) alone.”

- Anja Simončič, Marketing Assistant, Slovenia

“In the short time I have been here I love the culture. It is a great team of empowering people to work with. Everyone is so supportive of each other to help the company and ourselves grow and thrive.”

- Liv Podmore, Video Production Manager, UK 

Benefits of Working With Us

Flexible working hours - Full Time

At BodyBrand, we provide you with the flexibility to set your own schedule. We understand nothing good comes out of micromanaging employees, that’s why we highly encourage all of our team members to work during the time which suits them the best in GMT +1/+2 timezone. 

Paid Time Off

It’s important to maintain a work/life balance which is why we provide 28 days of paid vacation so you can unplug from work, have fun and recharge yourself. 

Dedicated Training Budget 

We sincerely believe that our employees professional growth is our company’s growth, which is why we have a dedicated training budget so you can sharpen your skills and stay on an upward trajectory. 

Company Meetups 

We have regular virtual company meetups so you can interact and have fun with your colleagues. Additionally, we plan on having onsite retreats once it’s safe to do so. 

Access to our products 

We’re in the business of transformation which is why we prioritize health and fitness above everything else. You get free access to all of our products so you can stay strong in body and mind. 


If you want to work in an environment where you don’t feel boxed in and all of your ideas are welcomed — BodyBrand is the place to be! 

“I literally can't wait to start working in the morning and seeing the results of the previous day... Weird right?! I don't think so, and what can I say, I simply love my job! (No, it's not an ad!)”

- Anja Simončič, Marketing Assistant

“I love that every day can be different and I am able to work and create new assets for the team. I have the creative freedom to try out new things as well as learn new skills along the way.”

- Liv Podmore, Video Production Manager

This is the perfect place to be if you enjoy working in a fun, face paced setting where everyone contributes and plays an integral part to our team and member success.

- Sandra Milojevic, Customer Service Manager

Currently hiring for these roles: 

To apply, please send your CV to [email protected]